Let me teach you your new hobby!


You’ll learn the materials, tools, and techniques that form the foundation of various fiber arts projects.

$ 25


Learn knitting techniques to make a scarf or cowl

$ 25


Learn Crochet techniques to make a scarf or cowl.

$ 25


Learn techniques to make basic embroidery stitches

$ 45


Learn weaving with a simple coiled pine needle basket

From $150

Let's Quilt!

5 -Week Course

This 5-week course on Quilting will teach machine quilt basics. You’ll learn the materials, tools, and techniques to create your first quilt project. 


Learn more about the start of Indigo Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts can be used to make

Gifts, family heirlooms, and masterpieces to bring beauty to your surroundings

Creating Lifelong Masterpieces

After a semester of learning fiber arts as an elective in college, I fell in love with the medium. I then remembered learning to make a small strawberry embroidery piece at the age of 11 while away at camp.

Fiber Arts refers to the art of using natural or synthetic materials, such as fabric, yarn or materials found in nature. Fiber arts are inexpensive, accessible, relaxing, and therapeutic.

Our goal is to help build the foundation for a lifelong hobby. 

Make & Sip

Monthly Events at Sip Soul Studio

Gather in small groups to make masterpieces while sipping your favorite glass of wine. 


You can find us about 10 mins away from Downtown Chicago


Sip Soul Studio Bridgeport Art Center
1200 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60653